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AdveXis is a consulting engineer company in the field of construction and structure. This Company has implemented a great number of important projects so far particularly in the field of private structures.

AdveXis is a company that has converted engineering services into a specialized job. We design the ideas of the architects, construction companies and other individuals who are interested in construction of the private buildings and convert their ideas into executive plans. In addition we have strategic cooperation with some large and famous international engineering companies.

Frequently we cooperate with construction companies mostly in obtaining permits to repair buildings and also new constructional projects both in residential and administrative buildings. Our most important assets is our specialized staff who conduct the complex projects carefully either as the head of the projects, designer, drawers, and etc. Our collaborators have contributed in large projects such as: Aqua duct De Vliet, Cross tunnel in Heinenoord-Benelux subway, Betuwe cargo railway and express railway of Amsterdam – Paris, Aqueduct De vliet to pass the De vliet channel at the northern highway of Hague and second tunnel of Heinenoord which had been drilled by TBM equipments.

AdveXis mainly uses AutoCAD and ESA prim win and Diana progress.
We pay special attention to designing, so we can easily grasp the objectives of your plan. Because good designing reinforces your ideas whereas a bad plan weakens your objectives.

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